EU proposal to prevent and combat child sexual abuse contains client side scanning

Tomorrow, the EU commission presents the proposal titles laying down rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse. Today, Politico leaked the official proposal: However, the proposal entails the point to scan every device, such as a smartphone, on the client side to find possible content showing child sexual abuse. A lot of experts and scientists already published in 2021 a paper titled Bugs in our Pockets: The Risks of Client Side Scanning when the topic already was in the news as Apple was elaborating to deploy such a technology.
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Doko online game development [part 2]

A HLD of the doko game
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International WSA award for IRMA app

Yesterday, the IRMA app won the international WSA award. To quote the article on why IRMA has won the award:

The Municipality of Amsterdam implements the ‘Digital City Agenda’ with the IRMA app and provides accessible and transparent services: residents are given control over their personal data via a digital identity.

James Webb - update

I just want to inform you that the James Webb telescope deployment went successfully and reached it’s final destination. Now the mirrors need to be aligned, and the instruments be activated. We can expect first results in June.

Doko online game development [part1]

I am starting to develop a Doppelkopf online game, and I want to describe in several parts how I approach this project.
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