My favorite browser is Firefox. Only for about one year I was using Chrome, as Firefox performance was not as good back in the days. Luckily, the Firefox community is quite large and active. Hence, new addons are added each day, and heavily used once maintained well.

Here I want to recommend some of the addons I use:

  • Block Site Block Site blocks websites of your choice. It is also possible to set a schedule, e.g. to block certain websites during working hours.
  • FVD Speed Dial With Speed Dial you are able to customize your new tab page.
  • HTTPS Everywhere HTTPS Everyhwere redirects to HTTPS if that is available on a website.
  • Tree Style Tab One of my favorites. The tab bar is aligned either on the left or right side. Also you are able to organize tabs into trees.
  • uBlock Origin An blocker addon, similar to AdBlock.
  • Vimium Vimium provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control similar to Vim.
  • YouTube High Definition Possibility to set the default resolution for YouTube videos.