Since almost a year I work as a software engineer and architect consultant for the IMG Instituut Mijnbouwschade Groningen. IMG’s mission is to deal with mining damage independently, fairly, generously and expeditiously. Mining damage in the Groningen and Drenthe region is due to the extraction of gas by the companies Shell and Exxon Mobil. Currently, about 1100 damage claims are registered every week, and about 600 are resolved weekly. Additionally, IMG just released the “decrease in value” system, which gives home owners the possibility to request the money back that their house lost in value.

Machiel Mulder and Peter Perey of the university of Groningen produced a long report reflecting on economic and social consequences.

My job is to design and implement the data migration from the current system to a new, more work flow and case management oriented system, MIRA, based on Pega’s case management system. Our team concists of 5 people, and we need to coordinate a lot with the business of IMG, and other IT-stakeholders. Challenging is that the new system is still in development, and hence you develop for a moving target. But I am confident that we will manage to migrate all relevant data from the old system to MIRA when it is necessary, as our migration street works well, and we can show that we are able to easily adapt to changing requirements.