After some months of leaving my personal website untouched, I decided that it’s time to pick it up again, as a lot has happened in the last couple of months.

First, I started working for the Radboud University on the 1st of April. So far I started following the “Intro 2 Crypto” course to get some more knowledge about cryptography. I can say after about 2 months it already really helped to understand papers better that have crypto content. Also, I started on developing an Office addin to send encrypted emails, and only the receiver can decrypt it by disclosing her identity. As of now we only support encryption based on the recipients mail adres, but soon we want to support other constructions as well. The GitHub page of the project can be found here, but I did not make the Outlook addin code public yet.

Last week we had a kickoff meeting with several stakeholders. We gave a little demo, and also had some discussion on the UX/UI part. The feedback was also good, so I think it’s a great start on the project.

Second, my girlfriend and me moved to Nijmegen on the 18th of Mai. Luckily, the university offers to pay for a moving company. So the moving company moved everything from Groningen to Nijmegen in one day. After some work on several rooms, for instance paint a wall in the living room, or put wallpaper with a pattern on a wall in the bedroom, I can say that we settled well in Nijmegen. Last weekend we offered cupcakes to our direct Neighbours and we already had some (short) conversations with them. The surrounding areas are also quite green, and the air quality seems to be really good here. Biking to the university or biking to the city centre takes about 20 resp. 30 minutes, so thats not too bad. Possibly, I will watch the England - Germany game upcoming Tuesday in an Irish pub, The Shamrock in the city centre to have some football and pub feeling again.

Last, since the 1st of June I am finally going to the gym again as I have a subscription at the Radboud Sports Centre. The sports centre is fantastic, it is very huge and modern and they offer about 90 different sports. But due to the current pandemic not much sports are offered at the moment. For sure I will try something new when the new semester starts, and hopefully more is possible. Additionally, I had contact with the responsible person of the Radboud Tennis club. Hence, since last Sunday I am able to play tennis again, which is really nice. Next week there will already be a tournament from a closeby club that like every year invits members of the Radboud Tennis club to participate.